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The Goal

Modernise the Documents tool of Projectplace.com, an online work collaboration tool.
Documents is a document management tool that allows users to manage files in a structured way.
Users can share and collaborate around all their documents throughout the different tools of Projectplace.
Documents is a very critical module for the product as it has the highest number of daily users.


Collected user feedback on the existing tool from

  • The user community portal
  • Customer support department
  • Interviews with the focus group


  • Refine the feedback to understand the real user problems
  • Remove duplicates
  • Categorise the requests and bugs
  • Prioritise with the help of Google Analytics
List of requests and bugs before refining

Review & Refine

Based on the data and assumptions, created hypotheses in the form of user stories.

Eg. As a document user, I like to have versions turned on by default for all my files.

Verified the user stories with customer support and others who worked on the module earlier.

Refined the stories from the learnings.

Eg. Although one may think that having version control turned on is a no-brainer, most of our users do not prefer it.


  • Because they pay for the storage space and having versions eats up space
  • Some organisations do not want dozens of versions; they only need to keep a new version when there is a major change.


Initial personas

  1. Adam the admin
  2. Joe the normal
  3. Patrick the pundit
  4. Sarah the sporadic

These were made based on the role and the data from the research.

Primary personas

Persona - Patrick
Persona - Adam

Information Architecture

Documenting the existing module with all its features and user paths with the help of mind-mapping and diagrams to make sure that none of the features are missed out.

Information Architecture


Existing Design

Initial Wireframes
User flow for document review
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